Building Tomorrow's Market Insights

Welcome to TrendZeer, where we combine artificial intelligence with market analysis to predict and shape future trends. Our team, working globally, is dedicated to transforming the landscape of market research by providing innovative solutions that empower businesses worldwide.

Founded company

Established with a vision to revolutionize market intelligence, TrendZeer was founded to harness the predictive power of AI in understanding and anticipating market dynamics.

Released beta

Launching in May 2024, the beta version of TrendZeer focuses on empowering users to capture and analyze emerging market trends

Gain a Market Edge by Spotting Trends Early

With TrendZeer, tapping into the next big market trend before it unfolds is not just possible, it’s a routine. Our clients enjoy the privilege of foresight, ensuring they lead rather than follow.

Team behind TrendZeer

  • Artur Zadorozhny

    Co-Founder, Developer

    Artur is a co-founder and developer at TrendZeer, bringing his experience in full-stack software development to innovate and drive solutions.

  • Vojtech Kaiser

    Co-Founder, Developer

    Vojtech combines his expertise in software development with a passion for AI to develop solutions that empower our clients to lead and innovate in their markets.

  • Nikola Zadorozhny

    Co-Founder, AI

    Driving AI innovation at TrendZeer, Nikola, our co-founder and AI researcher, specializes in turning new AI concepts into real-world applications.